New challenges are waiting for you!

Sometimes as young children we play out different situations with different themes, what is happening „in our world“ at the same time and we are facing great danger or we are in the comfort of our home and play out our daily routines. It is often, for example, a game with cars (races), plastic soldiers (war), with dolls (family) or with dinosaurs and other animals (sometimes even mythical ones such as dragons and the like). But we always know that nothing can happen to us and it is purely our imagination. That`s why fantasy play is wonderful overall and children develop the creative part of the brain. Encourage children from a very young age in their fantasies.

hračka - vojáčci

Playing games benefits a child`s overall development. Their imagination is totally unique! Look at everything your little love can come up with. Play with them to penetrate the soul of your child. You will definitely like it. When you think back to your own childhood – what was it like? How did you play? Who did you play with? And what did you play?

In adulthood, people find a similar system for playing different games, or the level of games increases. It can be computer games. It can be various other activities. For example, many of us go to the shooting range to relax. Or they try to fulfill various challenges that their body and mind will allow – for example, skydiving.

střelnice - muž

Shooting at the range is an interesting experience. You can experience it in many places. But the best shooting in Prague is the greatest experience! The friendly staff will lend you everything and you can agree with them on everything your heart desires. It`s 100% safe – so don`t worry about hurting anyone. Make arrangements with a group from work or your friends and book a certain hour that will suit you all. Try this adventure together. We wish you good luck and lots of fun!

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